Beyond The Walls



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創作理念 Concept


Coloane is the “secret garden” for Macau people. We believe it is the best place to relax, to enjoy the nature and to get to know about Macau’s local history and culture. However, urbanization is gradually changing the scenario.  I hope this documentary will draw attention of the audience who are living “within the wall” to Cololne and make them rethink the city and themselves. We hope it will eventually help them to leap over the “wall” and get to know more about Coloane.

預告片 Trailer

 上映資料 Screening

  • 《澳門國際電影及錄像展 2014》- 「澳門製造」
  • 日本大阪的マカオ映画祭
  • 香港獨立電影節2014
  • 澳門獨立電影節2014
  • 深圳藝穗節.電影+影像展

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