Fonting the City


People nowadays use keyboards more often than pens and are only familiar with the fonts appeared on electronic devices. This short film aims to call attention to fonts and eventually serves as a gateway to aesthetics and local culture.

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Several Macau designers walking around the streets collect “the forgotten fonts” from old signs and handwritten posters in preparation for an exhibition investigating the relationship between fonts and the city. In Macau nowadays, fonts from computer are popular while handwritten fonts and calligraphy are close to extinction. Even though the old masters produced many classic calligraphy works, their diverse designs are defeated by the effective font outputs of computer technology. In this era that favors speed, a poet born in the 80s, who is passionate about calligraphy and with expertise in Slender Gold Font, is resolved to blend calligraphy with the community with his handwritten tea menu imbued with traditional aesthetics…

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上映資料 Screening

  • 《澳門國際電影及錄像展 2015》- 「澳門製造」 ( 2015/05/ )
  • 《Macau Design Week》 ( 2015/08/ )
  • 《影意志澳門電影節2015》 ( 2015/11/ )
  • 《澳門中央圖書館成立120周年─“2015好書大晒”》閱讀推廣活動  ( 2015/12/ )
  • 《香港獨立電影節2016》- 澳門獨立視野  ( 2016/01/ )
  • 《DocLisboa’14》- Macau Extension  ( 2016/02/ )
  • 《城市遊牧影展 UrbanNomad Filmfest 2016》- 短波五:迎新戀舊 ( 2016/05/22.台北 )
  • 《Girona Filmfest 2016》- Documentary ( 2016/09/28.Girona 西班牙 )
  • 《南方影展 South Taiwan Film Festival 2016》- 澳門當代電影選 ( 2016/11/17.台南 )
  • 《我地港澳電影節》( 2016/12/17.新北 )
  • 《全景視野-澳門當代電影展》( 2017/4/ )

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